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Welcome to Liege!

Welcome to this city where history and modernity meet. Where travellers and locals meet and have fun. This is a must for all visitors to our beautiful Wallonia. Attractive restaurants, lively markets, breathtaking landscapes... Let us guide you.

Come and enjoy the natural and relaxing contact of the Parc de la Boverie.  Admire the landscape from the top of the hillsides of the citadel and from these balconies perched in the air. Taste the delicacies of Liège's restaurants and the flavour of real Boulets. Cultivate yourself at the Mediacity and the Archaeoforum. And finally, have fun at the Carré, the city's festive centre. Belgian beers and joy are flowing there.

It is because in Liege there are many maps that we propose you here a selection of our favorite places among which we are sure that you will find your happiness. We wish you a good stay in the heart of the Cité Ardente!